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About Us

The main activity of 

Martenichki Kiko Ltd

is production of
Cords; Elastics; Shoelaces; Handles for gift bags; Ropes;
Supplies for martenitsa, as well as ready martenitsas for direct sale.
Delivery of textile machines to any part of the world.


     Cords for every textile industry: swimwear, sportswear, balloons, scarves, toy hooks, candle wicks, volleyball nets, fishing nets, waistcoats, upholstery and much more.
    The martenitsa cord, which is the foundation of the creation of Martenitsy Kiko, is produced by us in an extremely wide range. The size may range from 0.5 mm to 50 mm. The kind of knitting: Fletch, Usukan, Tusukan, Jacquard. Color range - unlimited.
     Production capacity - more than one hundred thousand meters per day - enough to produce over 300,000 martenitsas!


     Elastic cords and elastic ropes with a thickness of 1 mm to 22 mm. Main purpose - textile industry, sportswear. Buns for luggage, stretch for upholstery, tents, trucks. For the fishing industry - holding buoys in mussel and fish plantations, the blade plays the role of a high-quality buffer that prevents waves at sea from destroying a rope-made farm. Martenichki Kiko produces elastic ropes with technical parameters according to customer's requirement. We issue a certificate of tensile strength and tear strength.


    Shoelaces: Kind, Length, Thickness, Cloth, Color and Kind of Knitting - All of these are feasible parameters. Production of Shoelaces and a given sample. Shoelaces are used not only for formal shoes, sneakers, and cubs. Shoelaces are extremely enjoyable in sportswear. Elastic shoelaces for shoes sneakers - a world hit - length of 0.06m (six centimeters) to infinity.
     Capacity of production - 70,000 pcs per day.


     Handles for gift bags with a special "Eagle Claw" type.  This type of nozzle replaces the known rough knot on the inside of the pouch and allows you to increase the production capacity of placing the handles ten times. Of course, we produce a cord for handles and an endless length, as well as thermally fixed at a specific length. Length, thickness, tightness, color and type of knitting, as with the shoelaces, are adjustable and can be executed as stated.


     Manufacture of ropes from 1 mm to 50 mm. Rope from any textile raw material. Polyester, Polypropylene, Silk, Polyamide, UTA, Technical Materials. Kind of knitting - FLEXT, Twisted rope, Starter rope - Combination 2 in 1 - Twisted FLEXT plate.
      Issuance of a tensile strength certificate up to 50 000 N.


     Martenitsi Kiko Ltd. also produces martenitsas with inscription. You can order Martenitsa, for example, with your company's logo printed on it, as well as a packaging that meets all your criteria and requirements. Production of industrial quantities of advertising martenitsas for corporate customers.


     Machines for the textile industry. You can request a machine that is required for your textile industry.

  • High-speed Flecht rope making machines up to 200 mm thick.
  • Jacquard machines for the production of textile strips with a width of 10 mm to 600 mm.
  • Suspended for insertion of elastic and non-elastic threads.
  • Calendars for fixing strips.
  • Confectivity machines.
  • Thermofilling and stamping machines for packaging.
  • Test machines - to test the strength of tensile strength and pressure of various raw materials.

Martenitsy Kiko Ltd - contacts

- Plovdiv 9 Tsar Ivan Shishman Street (near Shahbazyan Square) - 0894 61 99 65/032 39 85 13
- Plovdiv, Brezovsko shose 133 street - NOVA Shopping Center - 0894 61 99 69 - 0894 61 99 64
- Sofia - Ilientsi Commodity Bazaar - Shop 200A (on the left side of a central entrance - Rozhen Boulevard) - 0894 61 99 62
- Targovishte - Zapad 2, bul. Suren, bl. 27 - 0894 61 99 68
- Production Workshop - BULGARIA Reg. Plovdiv municipality, town of Nessevo, str. 1, № 48 - 0888 66 21 75

e-mail: martenichki_kiko@abv.bg
site: http://martenichki-kiko.com/ https://www.braiding-ltd.com/

Manager: Ruslan Yordanov - 0894 61 99 61

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